Access to the best and most difficult to reach hedge funds worldwide

Core Capital is an investment firm providing alternative investment services

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A different approach to active investing: risk defined solutions

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Investment framework based on proprietary scientific research

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Particular expertise in hedge funds, complex strategies and portfolios

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A different approach to active investing: risk defined solutions

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Core Capital Awarded Trademark for Beta Function™

In keeping with Core Capital’s spirit of innovation and commitment to fundamental research as a bedrock of our investment philosophy, we are proud to announce that Core has been granted a trademark for Beta Function™. Beta Function™ is defined as: BetaPortf(ΔMktPrice).  A […]

Credit Cycles

We think nothing describes our strategy better than the credit cycle chart which most, if not all, of our investors have seen at some point during the last 10 years. It is at the heart of our credit investing philosophy. […]

Distressed cycles, energy, economy, and other unknowns

Macroeconomics is an inexact science and credit cycles are never the same. Therefore,  how could one think about the future when the habitual assumption that tomorrow will be much like today seems  (and is) more unreasonable than usual?  This is […]

Notes on emerging markets and market liquidity

Notes on emerging markets and market liquidity September – 2015 Emerging markets form an important area of interest for us. We find these markets at the center of a very explosive cocktail[1]. The ingredient list could cover a page in […]

Core Capital Wins the 2016 AI Award for Most Innovative Alternative Investment Firm – USA and Best Specialty Credit FoHF: Core Classic

Core Capital Management was selected by Wealth & Finance International, as part of their 2016 AI Awards, as Most Innovative Alternative Investment Firm & Best Specialty Credit FoHF – Core Classic. This award recognizes Core’s steadfast commitment to innovation, thought leadership, […]

Core Capital - AI 2016

Sorina Zahan Discusses Core Capital’s Approach to Changing Markets at Opalesque Round Table – Chicago

At Opalesque’s Round Table 2013 event in Chicago, Sorina Zahan joined a select number of panelists in a discussion of pressing topics in finance. What follows are excerpts from the roundtable wherein Sorina spoke on her thoughts and research regarding […]

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