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Core Capital and Fortech Build New AI-Fueled Portfolio Risk Management Solutions: AIPERION

  New generation of AI-driven portfolio risk management solutions now available to institutions and family investment offices, through AIPERION;   AIPERION is a joint venture built by the partners of Chicago-based Core Capital Management – a provider of risk modeling […]

The Hidden Risks of Low Volatility

  Volatility…. a market like no other, with sellers and no buyers. The most interesting market of all. The most educational market of all.     Yes, the realized volatility saw historical lows in July in many asset classes. This […]

Globalization: the Battle of Yesterday

  Despondent or elated – with very little in between, we find ourselves marching together on the same path the Englishmen took five months ago: protect ourselves – defined as nations – from globalization.     It seems that much […]

Portfolio De-Risking: Negative Duration

  We described in “Non Beta Investing: the Ugly Duck. For now.“, how the big hands of central banks, as well as the big but weak hands of mammoth – compared to their target markets – ETFs and mutual funds […]

Non Beta Investing: the Ugly Duckling. For now.

In the past several months the global search for income and carry has reached not only a monumental level but also a dizzying speed. A good example is Switzerland, where in July the government bonds under 48 years maturity had […]

Sorina Zahan to Speak at CFA Society Brazil

CFA Brazil will host Sorina Zahan on July 21st, in São Paulo, Brazil. Sorina will deliver a talk entitled “An Anatomy of Liquidity Risk.” Read more about the event here.

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