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Core Capital is an investment firm providing alternative investment services

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A different approach to active investing: risk defined solutions

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A different approach to active investing: risk defined solutions

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Globalization: the Battle of Yesterday

  Despondent or elated – with very little in between, we find ourselves marching together on the same path the Englishmen took five months ago: protect ourselves – defined as nations – from globalization.     It seems that much […]

Portfolio De-Risking: Negative Duration

  We described in “Non Beta Investing: the Ugly Duck. For now.“, how the big hands of central banks, as well as the big but weak hands of mammoth – compared to their target markets – ETFs and mutual funds […]

Non Beta Investing: the Ugly Duckling. For now.

In the past several months the global search for income and carry has reached not only a monumental level but also a dizzying speed. A good example is Switzerland, where in July the government bonds under 48 years maturity had […]

Sorina Zahan to Speak at CFA Society Brazil

CFA Brazil will host Sorina Zahan on July 21st, in São Paulo, Brazil. Sorina will deliver a talk entitled “An Anatomy of Liquidity Risk.” Read more about the event here.

Sophisticated Bad Habits in Portfolio Construction – Rolling Beta

In the first post of the series: “Sophisticated Bad Habits,” in which biases and dogmas in portfolio construction are examined critically, Sorina Zahan tackles rolling beta – a purportedly sophisticated risk metric that, in fact, is deeply flawed. The following […]

Core Capital Awarded Trademark for Beta Function™

In keeping with Core Capital’s spirit of innovation and commitment to fundamental research as a bedrock of our investment philosophy, we are proud to announce that Core has been granted a trademark for Beta Function™. Beta Function™ is defined as: BetaPortf(ΔMktPrice).  A […]

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