• Unique combination of academic and practitioner experience
  • Principals have decades of experience in both investing and scientific research
  • Our team, like our investments, is a best diverse ideas portfolio. We are diverse on many dimensions, including national origin, gender, religion, political views, age, social adaptability and love for mathematics.
Research Approach: Intertwined with Investing
  • Philosophy
    • Challenge the arbitrary in investing and promote scientific frameworks
    • CIO: over 25 years of developing intellectual property
    • We put our money where our research is
  • Impact
    • A different approach to active investing: risk defined solutions
    • The result is unique, specialized portfolios with some of the longest track records in the industry
Investment Approach: Rooted in our Research
  • Philosophy
    • Alpha is not generated by being a follower
    • Alpha is generated in high conviction portfolios
    • Risk framework is multi-faceted. It starts with protection against permanent loss of capital.
    • An investment solution is robust if it relies on a repeatable process
  • Impact
    • Each portfolio is a risk defined financial instrument, not a collection of investments
    • Concentrated (5-20 managers), mono-asset class
    • Favors niche opportunities and early-stage hedge funds
    • Dynamic capital allocation within each asset class
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  • Scientific research culture
  • 19 year track record of managing risk-defined, concentrated portfolios
  • Personal access to principals and to research group
  • Partnering attitude in all client relationships
  • One of the few independent, fully employee owned firms in the industry. Woman Business Enterprise certified.
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